Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

Paid for with regulated funds by MIPOLITICS.org 3440 Fenton Rd, Hartland MI 48353

Michigan registered Super PAC committee ID 519131

MI Politics is a Super PAC registered in Michigan.  Our purpose is to promote conservative family values in Michigan elections and ballot issues.  We are not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Help run this VOTE NO MARIJUANA digital highway billboard and cable spots prior to the November 6 election that will potentially legalize the recreational use of Marijuana.  See ballot proposal 18-1 for details.  Click video pic below.

‚ÄčDid you know that TEEN USE is highest in states when legalized according to a RMHIDTA.org report page 38 summarizing the impacts of legalizing marijuana in Colorado.  We don't want that in Michigan!

Call and let me know of your support at (248) 881-9505 today.  Download the contribution form, make a check out to MI POLITICS and mail to 3440 Fenton Rd, Hartland Michigan 48353.   Email comments and questions to alan@mipolitics.org.